Society Of The Spectacle: Guy DEBORD: 8601400476918.

Society Of The Spectacle [Guy DEBORD] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Das Kapital of the 20th century. An essential text, and the main.

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Society Of The Spectacle

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  • La Société du spectacle (livre) — Wikipédia La Société du spectacle est un essai de Guy Debord publié initialement le 14 novembre 1967 chez Buchet/Chastel. Le livre connut un fort retentissement.
  • Spectacle (critical theory) - Wikipedia The spectacle is a central notion in the Situationist theory, developed by Guy Debord in his 1967 book, The Society of the Spectacle. In its limited sense, spectacle.
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  • The Society of the Spectacle (2) (Debord) - The Commodity as Spectacle (second chapter of Guy Debord’s THE SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE.
  • The Society of the Spectacle - Wikipedia The Society of the Spectacle (French: La société du spectacle) is a 1967 work of philosophy and Marxist critical theory by Guy Debord, in which the author develops.
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