Kong: Skull Island Has a Godzilla Connection in New Poster.

The upcoming Kong: Skull Island shows it has a connection to 2014's Godzilla by shining a black light on a new poster that notes the MONARCH organization.

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Kong King of Skull Island

  • King Kong — Wikipédia Alias La Bête Naissance Skull Island: Sexe Mâle Espèce Gorille (Megaprimatus) Taille King Kong (1933) : 15,24 m [1] King Kong (1976) : 13,5 m [1]
  • King Kong (1933 film) - Wikipedia Before King Kong entered production, a long tradition of jungle films existed, and, whether drama or documentary, such films (for example Stark Mad) generally adhered.
  • King Kong (film 2005) - Wikipedia La pre-produzione del film è iniziata a gennaio 2004 mentre le riprese del film sono iniziate il 6 settembre 2004 e si sono concluse il 22 marzo 2005; molti set del.
  • Kong: Skull Island - Film 2017 - FILMSTARTS.de Mit 30 Metern soll der Riesenaffe in „Kong: Skull Island“ so groß sein wie keiner der Kongs zuvor – zumindest, was amerikanische „King Kong“-Filme angeht.
  • Amazon.com: Kong: Skull Island: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. “Kong: Skull Island” had difficult tasks: (A) stay true in an important way to the spirit of the original “King Kong” (B) deliver an updated and closer to.
  • Kong Skull Island Trailer: The Biggest King Kong We've. Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures have unveiled the Kong Skull Island trailer, showing off the new version of the giant ape.
  • Watch Kong Skull Island (2017) Full Movie | Online Stream Watch Kong Skull Island Full Movie (2017) Online Now! Latest Action of Beloved Kong Skull Island is Free Ready To Be Streamed Right Now!
  • King Kong – Wikipedia King Kong ist eine fiktive Affenkreatur monumentalen Ausmaßes. King Kong war das erste Monster, das für den Film erfunden und nicht aus Literaturvorlagen adaptiert.
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