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  • The Dark Knight – Wikipedia The Dark Knight (dt. Der dunkle Ritter) ist ein US-amerikanisch-britisches Action drama und eine Comicverfilmung des Regisseurs Christopher Nolan aus dem Jahr 2008.
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy - Simple English Wikipedia, the. The Dark Knight Trilogy is a set of three Christopher Nolan Batman movies. It includes Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012.
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II | Wookieepedia. Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is a first-person shooter computer game released on September 30, 1997, by LucasArts. This was the first game in the series to.
  • Amazon.com: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 30th. Writer/artist Frank Miller completely reinvents the legend of Batman in this saga of a near-future Gotham City gone to rot, 10 years after the Dark Knight’s retirement.
  • The Dark Knight (2008) - IMDb When the menace known as the Joker emerges from his mysterious past, he wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham. The Dark Knight must accept one of.
  • The Dark Knight Rises - Batman Wiki The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final installment in The Dark Knight Trilogy after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. It was released on July 20, 2012. The.
  • The Dark Knight Rises - Wikipedia The Dark Knight Rises is a 2012 American-British superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan, who co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Jonathan Nolan, and the.
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - IMDb Eight years after the Joker's reign of anarchy, Batman, with the help of the enigmatic Catwoman, is forced from his exile to save Gotham City, now on the.
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